T-FLEX PLM - we work with a digital virtual reality (VR) product

T-FLEX PLM – we work with a digital virtual reality (VR) product

Today, when the words “Digitalization”, “Industry 4.0” and “Digital Double” are all on hearing, the Russian company “Top Systems”, the developer of the Russian complex T-FLEX PLM, is in trend.
T-FLEX PLM offers the opportunity to work within the concept of a digital counterpart by organizing a single design and technological environment
document management, design and production preparation. Underlying T-FLEX PLM is a suite of applications

T-FLEX CAD / CAM / CAE / CAPP / PDM / CRM / PM / MDM / RM … allows you to organize your work efficiently at all stages of the product life cycle. And close to the digital double, with his own eyes seeing what else
does not exist in reality – a task that can be successfully solved using Virtual Reality technologies (hereafter simply VR).


What is T-FLEX VR?

Top Systems Company demonstrated its VR developments for the first time in May 2017, introducing T-FLEX VR, an application that adds VR support to T-FLEX CAD CAD. Now, at the end of 2019,
It can be noted that interest in VR is not waning, and VR technology itself is increasingly being used to solve serious problems facing professionals in various fields.

What is the difference between T-FLEX VR and other existing solutions in the market? For what tasks is the module suitable? Let’s see.

T-FLEX VR and T-FLEX CAD are the benefits of full integration

T-FLEX VR is an application for T-FLEX CAD that allows you to work with a 3D model in virtual space. It is important to understand that the model viewed by the user in VR space is not
a copy of the 3D CAD model, which is the same 3D model. Thanks to this, T-FLEX VR users have a unique set of commands available only when using full VR and CAD integration.

Combination. If the 3D assembly is built using a coupling mechanism, the T-FLEX VR user can “grasp” and move the elements of the projected structure in
VR space is as if it moves their hands in the real world. This simulates the effect on the mechanism, as if the appropriate point was applied to the selected point of the part.

Manipulators. Manipulators are special objects of the 3D T-FLEX CAD model that allow you to change the values ​​of the T-FLEX CAD variables and thereby change the geometry
parts and assemblies. T-FLEX VR users can change the position of these manipulators by changing the 3D model accordingly. In this case, VR is a very real design tool,
taking this process to a new technological level.

Turn VR mode on quickly. T-FLEX VR does not require any special training for displaying 3D models. No matter what model it is, it is made in T-FLEX
CAD or other CAD can be viewed in VR – just press the VR mode button on the toolbar.

T.eye measurements based on solid state geometry. Unlike other VR applications, T-FLEX VR works not with polygonal mesh, but with solid-state geometry.
Therefore, the measurements made by the user are 100% accurate.


Practical application of T-FLEX VR

Compared to traditional graphical information output, modern VR offers the user a new level of perception of digital models. Thanks to this, T-FLEX VR can
be used at all stages of preparation and operation of the product. Let us dwell on the following stages:

Designing and designing. It is critical for the designer and the engineer to have a clear idea of ​​the product. And the harder the product, the more expensive it costs
mistakes made in the design of the product – the more important for designers and designers as soon as possible “live” to see the result of their work. T-FLEX VR makes it real
bring the product’s digital prototype closer to the designer.

Industrial design. Appearance is an integral characteristic of the product. T-FLEX VR allows you to evaluate the design of products with minimal time consuming.
Especially useful is the use of T-FLEX VR when working on large products.

Presentations and exhibitions. If the products are large, displaying products at events and exhibitions has high logistical costs
or impossible at all. In this case, T-FLEX VR can be the perfect solution, allowing you to show the full completeness of design projects at exhibitions or field shows.

Staff training and after-sales service. Manufactured products can be expensive or dangerous. It is also the case that the equipment comes in a single or so small amount that
service personnel simply do not have the opportunity to practice their actions on a real product. With the help of T-FLEX VR, you can train staff, even before the production
embodied in physical form.

T-FLEX VR is an interesting and up-to-date technology, further expanding the capabilities of the T-FLEX PLM and allowing you to see virtually any digital product duplicate with your own eyes.

Anyone can personally get acquainted with the capabilities of T-FLEX VR in Top Systems and visit a demonstration booth in the virtual laboratory
Reality T-FLEX VR Lab

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