T-Systems partners with Ericsson to offer campus networks

T-Systems partners with Ericsson to offer campus networks


Petr Chachin | 02/16/2021

T-Systems partners with Ericsson to offer campus networks

Ericsson and T-Systems expand their partnership to the global market. The solution is based on Ericsson’s Campus Network infrastructure and T-Systems Edge Computing.
and provides “an integrated end-to-end solution to meet the site connectivity needs of enterprise customers.”

According to the forecasts of the consulting company Arthur D Little, the market for private campus networks, services and solutions could reach 60-70 billion euros by 2025.

The best of both worlds

Campus networks combine public and private wireless connections to support a variety of enterprise applications. They cover factories, logistics
centers, airports, ports, oil and gas towns and power plants.

A private network, isolated from the public telecommunications network, is intended solely for enterprise use, while dedicated spectrum and provisioning mechanisms
quality of service (QoS) means that a private network can provide more secure, reliable, and predictable 4G or 5G services.

Ericsson and T-Systems say their integrated campus solution delivers low latency, high on-site processing and high data security. Formerly T-Systems and
Ericsson has already entered into a partnership for Germany, which will now be extended to international markets.

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