TCL has come up with a smartphone with a flexible screen that can curl and fold

Foldable smartphones are gaining in popularity. There are already several devices with folding screens on the market, but this direction is still quite young. That is why, almost every month, manufacturers come up with new designs for flexible smartphones. TCL is currently working on a new unique device.

Existing flexible smartphones have a folding display. Manufacturers also showed prototypes of devices with a flip-out screen. TCL’s new development will be able to boast of both. Based on images captured by CNET, the company is working on a smartphone that can scale up to a tablet form factor. However, instead of using the familiar hinge or expandable screen, it combines both of these features. The concept of the device may seem strange at first glance, but its advantage is the ability to make the smartphone more compact than existing models of folding devices. In addition, this approach will allow you to get a rectangular display more familiar for tablets, instead of a square one, like in current flexible smartphones.

CNET reports that images of the device will be showcased in April at an event where TCL will unveil the TCL 20 series of smartphones, which was announced at CES 2021. There is no word yet when the unique foldable smartphone will hit the market. It is likely that he will remain at the concept stage.

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