Tele2 and Huawei have contracted for direct deliveries

Tele2 and Huawei have entered into direct supply contracts

Huawei’s Tele2-branded smartphones will ship directly from the end of January 2020. Once upon a time, they were the official vendor distributor in the Russian Federation. Conclusion of direct agreement
allows Tele2 to expand direct operations with the supplier in all areas of work with the subscriber equipment. Partnership is made possible by the achievement of a significant
turnover of smartphone purchases. The number of business promotions and marketing efforts to promote devices will increase.

Throughout 2019, Huawei devices have consistently ranked second in the top three core customer preferences brands, second only to Samsung. According to the results of 2019, the share of sales of Huawei smartphones
in pieces it was 15.5%, an increase of a record 9.4 pp year-on-year. Huawei’s 2019 share of revenue rose 7.8 pp to 17.5%. The average check also increased
by 38 pp and amounted to almost 8 thousand rubles.

Recall that in the third quarter of last year, Huawei still managed to briefly push Samsung out of position
leader, albeit by a minimal margin. The P30 Lite was successfully marketed, while the sales of the more expensive P30 and P30 Pro reduced the pace and demand shifted to the Y5 Lite. The Honor brand
Model 8A became the most popular. Samsung accounted for 34% of global smartphone market sales (17%),
and just under a third – on Huawei (with Honor) (10%). In artificial terms, the Chinese manufacturer increased its share from 13.4% to 17%.

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