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Telecom operators will be obliged to transfer subscriber data and information about calls to Roskomnadzor

The government proposed to oblige operators to transfer various information about subscribers to Roskomnadzor. This is reported on the portal of regulatory legal acts. The document proposes to provide the department with access to stored information about calls, personal information and other data. Now only law enforcement agencies have such access.

Alexander Kryazhev, RIA Novosti

Alexander Kryazhev, RIA Novosti

If the initiative is approved, the department will have access to the following information:

  1. Personal data. Full name, place of residence, date of birth and other information from identity documents;
  2. Information from contracts, including phone number, date of the contract, etc .;
  3. Call information. This includes the numbers of the parties (outgoing and receiving the call), including the numbers involved in the forwarding;
  4. The fact of transmission of voice, text and any multimedia messages, including information from various sensors;
  5. Equipment data. Information about the identification module, changing information about it, etc.

The explanatory note notes that this information is necessary for Roskomnadzor to combat “gray” SIM-cards, which are issued for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. The authors of the document claim that thousands of citizens become victims of fraudsters due to the use of someone else’s passport data.

In a conversation with RBC, Denis Kuskov, general director of the analytical company TelecomDaily, stressed that only law enforcement agencies still have similar access. He also believes that primary information on the conclusion of an agreement is sufficient to fight the gray SIM-cards market.

Alexander Savelyev, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Legal Support of the Digital Economy of the Moscow branch of the Russian Bar Association, also called the proposed measures excessive. He suggested that such access is fraught with the emergence of a “mega-database” and its leakage to the Network. Saveliev also clarified that the leak could lead to the spread of commercial information due to the fact that the database will include information and contacts of legal entities.

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