Telegram 7.5 beta for Android introduces new features

Telegram 7.5 beta for Android introduces new features

On February 19, the developers published the beta version of Telegram 7.5.0 for Android (build 22389), which includes a number of functional innovations for the popular messenger.

First of all, broadcast groups appeared, in which an unlimited number of passive members can be, but only administrators can write, and each has a corresponding avatar, which distinguishes this type of group from the usual channel. But more interesting is the possibility of voice chat in such groups with the ability to give the floor to an ordinary participant through permission from the administrator.

Also, the messenger now allows you to create invitation links to a group or channel with a time limit or the number of invited participants. The link can also be presented in the form of a QR code. This functionality will be useful, for example, when you need to recruit participants for a live broadcast or other temporary events.

No less popular, but from the point of view of privacy and security, is the new setting for automatically clearing the history of messages in private chats, groups and channels at a specified interval (from 1 hour to 7 days).

Finally, widgets have been added for quicker access to recent chats from the Android home screen. Two versions are offered, occupying a space of 2 × 2 cells or 5 × 2. In the first case, just 4 chat icons are displayed, and in the second – two, but with the first line from the correspondence. It is possible that such widgets will be added later to the iOS version.

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