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Tesla accused a rival startup of hunting down its secrets and employees

Tesla is suing electric car startup Rivian for allegedly stealing trade secrets by poaching its employees.

Smith Collection / Gado / Getty Images

Smith Collection / Gado / Getty Images

Tesla claims in court documents filed this week and released by Electrek that Rivian recruited its employees to steal trade secrets. Tesla admits in the lawsuit that simply recruiting its employees by the startup would “legal competitive behavior“If it wasn’t for”alarm signal“.

Rivian instructed a recently retired Tesla employee on the types of Tesla confidential information Rivian needs“- Tesla claims in the lawsuit. The company announced that three other employees, when moving to Rivian, brought with them “very valuable confidential information“. The lawsuit also notes that more than a dozen of Rivian’s hired workers are former Tesla employees and “thus familiar with the types of information that Tesla employees have access to“.

Tesla also named four defendants in the lawsuit who previously worked for it. Two of them, Tami Pascale and Kim Wong, were recruiters at Tesla until recently. The automaker claims that before leaving, they downloaded critical mass-recruiting documents for production and sales, as well as important documents describing the pay scale.

In a statement, a Rivian spokesman called Tesla’s accusations “unfounded“. “We require all employees who join Rivian to confirm that they have not and will not be involved in incorporating the intellectual property of former employers into Rivian systems. The allegations of this claim are unfounded and contrary to the culture, spirit and corporate policies of Rivian“, – said the representative of the startup.

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