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Tesla accused of testing unfinished autonomous driving technologies on its users

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has asked its subsidiary agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), to introduce stricter standards for automated vehicle technology. The NTSB noted that, for example, Tesla is using customers to beta test its Level 2 Full Self Driving automated technology on public roads, but there is no proper regulatory oversight.

David Paul Morris / Bloomberg / Getty Images

David Paul Morris / Bloomberg / Getty Images

In its letter to the NHTSA last month, the regulator is calling for tougher federal requirements for the development and use of automated driving systems on public roads.

Tesla recently released a beta version of its Level 2 autopilot system, which is described as fully autonomous. With the system running, Tesla is testing highly automated autonomous driving technology on public roads, but with limited oversight or reporting requirements. “ – pointed out in the letter the head of the NTSB Robert Sumwalt (Robert Sumwalt). He noted that the agency’s non-intervention policy in overseeing testing of automated driving technologies poses a potential risk to motorists and other road users.

Level 2 (Level 2) means partial automation of vehicle control: it has some automated functions, but it requires the driver to control the performance of functions, monitor the traffic situation and keep his hands on the steering wheel.

Tighter federal measures could prevent Tesla from testing its autopilot systems the way it does today – using customers and public roads as test pilots and proving grounds, respectively.

Prior to this, the NHTSA did not try to regulate the use of automated driving systems, explaining this by the fact that it does not want to “Discourage innovation” premature harsh measures, entrusting the fulfillment of this task to the state authorities.

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