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Tesla FSD Autopilot Beta to Spread More Territory This Year

Tesla promises to distribute a new version of the FSD software in a couple of weeks, which allows owners of electric vehicles of this brand to have minimal interference with the operation of automatic control systems when driving in the city. Elon Musk said that the geography of the update may be wider than originally planned.

Image source: Electrek

Image source: Electrek

As noted by Reuters, Musk said this from Twitter pages in response to a question from one of the subscribers about the availability of this update for Tesla customers in Minnesota. “Perhaps we will launch a wider beta in a couple of weeks,” – said the founder of Tesla. Until now, this software has been available for testing by early program participants who have proven themselves to be responsible and disciplined drivers. The update should be available to ordinary users before the end of the year, as the head of the company previously promised.

Elon Musk himself has long been driving a Tesla electric car equipped with this version of the FSD software. Back in early autumn, he noted that the automatic system allows him to drive to and from work with minimal intervention from the driver. A lot of videos have already appeared on the Web, in which test participants share their impressions of the behavior of automation in various conditions. In most cases, the automatic system makes the right decisions even in situations that would cause confusion for an experienced driver. Musk has repeatedly noted that Tesla’s automation already drives much safer than humans.

In December, the new version of the FSD software will be available to Tesla customers in Canada and will soon reach customers in Norway. This country has an extensive fleet of electric vehicles of the brand; the company often uses the climatic features of Norway to test new systems in winter conditions.

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