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Tesla kicks off New Year with Chinese-made Model Y crossovers

Back in December, now already last year, “spies” found several dozen Model Y crossovers at the site of finished products near the Chinese enterprise Tesla, which were intended for company employees for test operation and identify possible shortcomings. Tesla customers will start receiving such cars this month.

Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

This is reported by Reuters, which opened the 2021 news marathon. Tesla will begin shipping Chinese-made Model Y electric vehicles today, the source said. For now, they will predictably target the company’s Chinese customers, although Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles assembled in Shanghai are already being exported to other countries. Their distinctive feature is the use of traction batteries based on iron phosphate (LFP), which have greater durability and fire safety, but are less resistant to frost and provide a lower charge storage density than batteries containing cobalt. In the eyes of the manufacturer, the main advantage of such traction batteries is their lower price.

In China, Tesla Model Y crossovers are now offered at a price of 52,092. In the production of this model, the company is trying to implement the most advanced approaches, and at the same time to differentiate the device of electric vehicles produced in different countries. In addition to China, Model Y is already being produced in the United States, and after the completion of the construction of an enterprise in the vicinity of Berlin, the production of this model will be established in Germany by the end of this year. Tesla will cover the needs of the European market through locally assembled crossovers.

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