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Tesla to start producing electric car charging stations in China in February

One of the important conditions for the spread of electric vehicles is a sufficient level of development of the network of charging stations, since in urban conditions not every owner has the opportunity to replenish the car’s charge from a personal outlet. Tesla has applied to organize the production of charging stations in Shanghai, where it already produces electric vehicles.

Image source: Electrek

Image source: Electrek

Reuters found the corresponding application. The document says that already in February 2021, Tesla expects to start producing chargers for electric vehicles in the vicinity of its Shanghai plant. $ 6.4 million will be invested in the specialized enterprise, and its design capacity will be 10 thousand charging stations per year.

The Electrek publication suggests that we are talking about charging stations of the Supercharger V3 type used in public places to recharge the traction batteries of Tesla electric vehicles. The company recently reported on the installation of a twenty thousandth charging station of this type. Until now, she had to import them to China from the United States. Apparently, the organization of local production will have to contribute to a faster expansion of the Tesla charging station network in China. The export of charging stations outside China is not excluded, since the productivity of a local enterprise now seems excessive. This year Tesla began exporting electric vehicles assembled in Shanghai to Europe, although it originally planned to supply them exclusively to the local market.

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