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Tesla will allow you to remotely see the world through cameras of electric vehicles

Tesla is planning to release a major software update for its electric cars, Electrek reported. The update will bring a very useful feature aimed at ensuring security.

Tesla images

Tesla images

Tesla is said to be implementing the ability to remotely connect to cameras in the autopilot system to view video footage in real time. Owners will be able to watch what is happening around their car through a mobile application.

The cameras of the electric vehicle will generate a data stream of about 30 MB per minute. So, to perform remote monitoring, the bandwidth of a 4G / LTE cellular connection, not to mention 5G, will be enough.

It is likely that the new system will work in conjunction with other on-board sensors in the car. For example, when a sensor is triggered, the owner will receive a notification on his phone, after which he will be able to assess the situation around the car in real time through the autopilot cameras. The security functions for the cameras of the electric vehicle have been assigned for a long time – the Sentry Mode is available to the owners. It provides video footage from on-board cameras in case someone is too close to the vehicle or tries to cause damage to the vehicle.

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