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Tesla will talk about Cybertruck pickup updates in the next quarter

At one of the reporting events, Elon Musk was forced to declare that the production of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck will begin this year only with a successful coincidence, and a delay until the next is very likely. An updated prototype of this vehicle can be shown next quarter.

Image source: Tesla

Image source: Tesla

The corresponding statement by Elon Musk appeared on his Twitter page today in response to a subscriber’s question about the presence of any news about Cybertruck. Tesla can talk about the innovations that were implemented at the stage of preparing the pickup for mass production in the second quarter, according to the head of the company. The production of pickups is to be established at a facility in Texas, which is still under construction. All Tesla’s efforts are aimed at the early completion of this construction.

The Cybertruck in its initial incarnation was introduced in November 2019, but since then Tesla has been able to make changes to both the specifications and functionality of this vehicle. Later, the idea of ​​creating a more compact version of the pickup was even discussed, but so far Tesla has refused to implement these intentions. The updated Cybertruck prototype was supposed to debut late last year, but it didn’t. The two older versions of the pickup should be on the assembly line at the end of this year, the starting price will be $ 49,900, the range will vary from 480 to 800 km, both will use four-wheel drive.

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