Apple App Store and Apple Pay become the new target of EU antitrust regulator

The Apple App Store and Apple Pay have become the new target of the EU antitrust regulator. IT Market

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Sergey Dragun | 06/17/2020

Apple App Store and Apple Pay become the new target of EU antitrust regulator

The European Commission said that one investigation will consider Apple’s mandatory requirement for application developers. The company prohibits them from informing iPhone and iPad users about
cheaper purchase options.

Spotify, a Swedish music streaming service, filed a complaint. Last year, he complained that Apple was unfairly restricting competitors to its own Apple Music service.

Another complaint is 30% of the commission Apple takes from application developers.

Spotify welcomed EU study. He hopes that the regulator will quickly review the case.

“It seems like Apple is getting the role of a gatekeeper when it comes to distributing applications and content to users of Apple devices,” said European Competition Commissioner Margret

In the second case, the main focus is on working with the Apple Pay mobile payment service. The company imposes terms of use in applications and on websites of sellers. Also Apple
refuses to provide competitors access to the payment system.

Regulators are also worried that Apple Pay is the only mobile payment application that is allowed to use the tap and go feature on the iPhone.

Apple criticized EU investigations and stated that the European Commission supports unfounded complaints from several companies that simply want to go free and don’t want to play the same
rules like everyone else.

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