the beginning of polymer vaccination in the trailer for the "insanely detailed" photo mode Atomic Heart

the beginning of polymer vaccination in the trailer for the “insanely detailed” photo mode Atomic Heart

Russian studio Mundfish through IGN has shared with the public a trailer for one of the features of the hotly anticipated post-apocalyptic action movie Atomic Heart.

This is a photo mode that IGN journalists call “Insanely detailed”… An almost two-minute clip allows you to evaluate the elaboration of a scene stopped with the help of the tool.

The plot of the trailer literally revolves around the main character of Atomic Heart – Major P-3. Moving in a circle, the camera gradually moves away from the protagonist, showing more and more elements of the environment.

Against the background, the voice-over voice of the announcer is clearly set, broadcasting about the imminent start of mass polymer vaccination, thanks to which Soviet citizens will wake up in “A completely new world of endless possibilities”

As a reminder, according to the plot of Atomic Heart, a global technical failure occurs at enterprise # 3826, as a result of which peaceful machines begin to destroy employees.

Players in the role of the previously mentioned Major P-3 will have to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information that threatens to destroy the whole world.

The release of Atomic Heart is expected on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Earlier, Mundfish relaunched the official site of the game: on the portal you can find a detailed background story and a selection of screenshots.

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