Скриншот из видео ZHC

The blogger made a three-meter PlayStation 5 that weighs more than 200 kg, costs $ 70 thousand and can be played on

A blogger from YouTube channel ZHC released a video yesterday showing the largest PlayStation 5 in the world. He made it to order and even managed to get certification from the Guinness Book of Records. As much as $ 70 thousand was spent on this brainchild.

Screenshot from ZHC video

Screenshot from ZHC video

What is noteworthy is that this is not just some kind of mock-up, this is the most complete PlayStation 5 on which you can play games. True, the height of this specimen is 3 meters, and the weight is 227 kilograms. Aside from the console, the ZHC team has also made a giant DualSence gamepad — and it works too! True, in order to control his sticks, you need to move them with both hands.

In the video, enthusiasts demonstrated the process of playing Minecraft, and in order to reach the triggers, this gamepad must be completely wrapped around. Inside this DualSence is a dedicated console controller originally designed for people with disabilities. During the video, ZHC, together with his team, was painting the body of his brainchild – it was a kind of competition in which the blogger presented 25 PlayStation 5 consoles to his subscribers, as well as children. The painters spent over 100 hours painting the hull.

The ZHC YouTube channel has 19 million subscribers. The author of the channel is shooting videos in which he paints various gadgets, and then plays them off.

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