The camera of the smartphone Huawei P50 will receive “liquid lenses” for instant focusing and the best image stabilization

Huawei is working hard this year to keep its smartphone business going. Due to US sanctions, the company has lost contact with suppliers of 5G chipsets for its devices. However, Huawei continues to fight for the title of one of the most technologically advanced companies on the market. It is reported that Huawei is in the final stages of testing liquid lens technology, which could debut in the flagship P50 series smartphones.

The new technology is expected to take the camera stabilization capabilities of Huawei smartphones to a whole new level. In addition, “liquid lenses” will significantly reduce focusing time. According to leaks, with the new technology, focusing will occur in a couple of milliseconds, which corresponds to the focusing time of the human eye. Samsung recently promised to introduce cameras that can boast the same speed, but Huawei is clearly ahead of the South Korean tech giant.

It is assumed that initially “liquid lenses” will only be used for telephoto lenses. Instead of the current movement of the lenses, the module will change the shape of the optics by applying voltage. It should be noted that “liquid lenses” will be more durable than the usual optics. According to the leaks, the new lens will work in conjunction with the Sony IMX782 sensor, which will soon be officially unveiled.

Huawei’s future still looks hazy due to the confusion over the chips. However, sources say the company is still determined to release the P50 series. Some rumors indicate that smartphones of this family will be based on the Kirin 9000, like the Mate 40, but this information has not yet been confirmed.

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