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The Chinese began to test the technology of collecting user data bypassing the new Apple rules

Several overseas media outlets today reported on the start of testing of the new advertising ID by members of the China Advertising Association (CAA). It includes tech giants from the Middle Kingdom. Thus, companies want to circumvent Apple’s new rules on the transparency of the collection of user data.

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Image source: Pinterest

For the first time, the Financial Times (FT) reported the testing of the new identifier with reference to its sources, who are as close as possible to the events taking place inside ByteDance and Tencent. They are members of the CAA. The name of the technology being tested is CAID, and it, in fact, will be an analogue of the existing system for determining the behavioral characteristics of Internet users and forming IDFA advertisements on their basis. It is the latter that is subject to Apple’s new rules, and the new CAID technology is not subject to restrictions.

Previously, data analysis and collection took place without the knowledge of users, and a new initiative from Apple is designed to end this. According to the new rules, all developers who publish their applications to the App Store must indicate what data the application collects. In turn, users will be able to consent to the provision of both all data and only certain categories. There is an opinion that such a step could seriously hit the advertising market’s revenues. Against this background, the Chinese just conceived to make technology to bypass the restrictions.

According to the FT, after conducting a survey among experts, Apple is unlikely to take any radical decisions to suppress the work of CAID. The fact is that the CAA is closely connected with the Chinese authorities and unleashing such a struggle could even lead to the removal of Apple from the Chinese market. Since this territory is profitable for Apple, such risks may not be justified. The company will likely make an exception and will not take any action in relation to CAID. It is not yet clear whether this technology will be used only in China or it will be possible to use it also outside the country.

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