Завод JOLED в Номи

The Chinese entered into an alliance with the Japanese to develop printed OLED displays

TCL Technology Group, a Chinese company, has announced the strategic acquisition of a portion of its shares in JOLED, a Japanese inkjet-based OLED manufacturer. The issue price is 30 billion yen ($ 280 million). For this amount, TCL’s subsidiary China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) will receive a 10.76% stake in JOLED and OLED printing technology.

JOLED factory in Nomi

JOLED factory in Nomi

The transfer to the Chinese manufacturer of the world’s most advanced OLED display printing technology is veiled. Formally, the companies CSOT and JOLED entered into a partnership agreement on the joint development of appropriate technologies. But we understand that China Star Optoelectronics, created about four years ago with OLED printing technologies, is rather empty than thick, whereas JOLED is decades of concentration of Sony and Panasonic profile knowledge and experience (JOLED was created in 2014 on the basis of divisions of these companies )

At the same time, I must say that JOLED’s independent swimming was not a success, although it was the first to let in printed OLEDs and even modernized the plant in Japan for mass production of OLEDs using printing technologies. Like many other large and not very large Japanese companies, JOLED has experienced financial difficulties in the last decade. And the volume of these difficulties is such that the Japanese are ready to change their mentality and bow even to the Chinese. Earlier, Sharp decided to do this, having sold control over the Taiwanese Foxconn company, Japan Display almost stepped on this path, but still followed JOLED.

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