the cloud contract with the Pentagon opened the doors for Microsoft to the military departments of foreign states

the cloud contract with the Pentagon opened the doors for Microsoft to the military departments of foreign states

In two months, it will be a year since the Pentagon named Microsoft as the winner of the JEDI Comprehensive Cloud Infrastructure for the US military. But the deal never worked. The losing company AWS (Amazon) started a lawsuit with the Pentagon, which delayed the start of work on the contract. But Microsoft did not wait for the denouement and began to process foreign military departments. What suits the Pentagon will suit the Allies.

According to the CNBC news agency, people familiar with the state of affairs in Microsoft’s business anonymously reported that the company began to form analogues of the JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) service package for deployment in military and intelligence agencies in other countries. The source does not disclose with the governments of which countries negotiations are underway on the creation of ultra-secure cloud infrastructure. Microsoft also refused to directly confirm the negotiations, but stressed that the company has been cooperating with the governments of many countries of the world for four decades.

Microsoft is said to have begun to form “defense” cloud offerings shortly after it became clear that legal efforts by AWS would lead to the termination of the contract with the Pentagon. Microsoft probably considered that even in this form, the JEDI contract remains an excellent springboard to enter the international market with its similarity. Finally, why stand idle for promising developments? An enormous organizational work has been done, and it should bear fruit.

As for the JEDI contract with the Pentagon, in the winter the organizers of the tender took a reprieve for a new study of some of the provisions of the Microsoft proposal. The postponement ends on September 16. If, taking into account the new data, the court rejects the claims of AWS, then Microsoft will receive permission to carry out work worth up to $ 10 billion for a period of ten years. And if it is allowed to connect allies to this network or allow other joint configuration, then Microsoft will have an extremely broad prospect of becoming a cloud supplier for the military of many, many countries.

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