The darknet sells databases of clients of Alfa Bank and other financial institutions

The darknet sells databases of clients of Alfa Bank and other financial institutions

According to Izvestia, a large database of data from clients of Alfa-Bank, as well as other large Russian financial organizations, is being sold on the darknet. The information contains name, city of residence, account balance and mobile phone.

The seller of the Alfa-Bank customer database said that he was ready to download 5 thousand records a week. The journalists managed to get a screenshot of a test fragment of this database with 64 entries and to confirm the authenticity of the mobile phones indicated in it through the fast payment system. Two out of ten people called by journalists confirmed that they have accounts with this financial institution. Four refused to give any information, four more did not answer. Alfa Bank itself confirmed that they know about the data breach of several dozen clients. However, they also noted that part of the information contained in this database is no longer relevant.

The seller of the Alfa Bank database from the darknet told reporters that he also has information about clients of other banks, including MKB and VTB. He is ready to sell 100 records at 30 rubles apiece. True, this applies to these accounts with a balance of 5 to 300 thousand rubles. If the balance is more than 300 thousand rubles, then the cost will increase to 50-60 rubles per entry.

Izvestia also contacted two more sellers who offered information about users of Gazprombank, VTB, Post Bank, Promsvyazbank, Home Credit Bank. The sellers stated that they are ready to sell data at once in large volumes – from 1 to 10 thousand records per week. In this case, the minimum size of the base for sale is from 100 records at a price of at least 29 rubles per one.

Home Credit Bank did not confirm the leaks of customer information. VTB also did not record any cases of personal information leakage. The rest of the financial organizations were unable to promptly comment on the situation.

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