the developer of the new God of War dubbed it the best game of 2021 in absentia

the developer of the new God of War dubbed it the best game of 2021 in absentia

Interface designer and tester at Santa Monica Studio, lead microblogging under the pseudonym RagSami, shared his expectations for the next part of the action games God of War.

Recall that the new God of War was presented as part of the September presentation by Sony with a short teaser. The game has no name yet, but there is a release date and target platform – 2021 and PlayStation 5.

Santa Monica Studio is currently preparing for gamers according to RagSami “Something special and crazy”… The developer also advised “Get ready for the best game of 2021”

It is noteworthy that shortly after the publication, RagSami deleted his tweet. It happened of its own free will or as a result of someone’s urgent request, at this stage it is unknown, but they managed to make a screenshot of the recording.

Such a bold statement by RagSami could be considered empty bragging, if you did not collect the largest number of Game of the Year awards, which preceded God of War in 2018, including The Game Awards 2018.

If the next God of War really comes out in 2021, then it will have to compete with Horizon Forbidden West, Resident Evil Village, Hogwarts Legacy, Halo Infinite and other major releases for the title of the best.

Earlier on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) the exact release date and title of the next part of God of War appeared, but Cory Barlog questioned the reliability of this information.

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