The Digital Economy national project has failed the budget the hardest

The Digital Economy national project has failed the budget the hardest

Anna Savelyeva

According to the Accounting Chamber, the national project ended the year with a budget execution of 53.6%, and did not rise to the promised 95.7%. The press secretary of the Ministry of Communications explains this by a long delay
approvals and the “complicated system of management of the National Program”.

The Accounting Chamber has published interim results of the analysis of the implementation of national projects as of December 28, 2019. As a comment on the figures, the Head of the Accounting Chamber Alexey Kudrin
stated that more than 100 billion rubles from the planned for the implementation of national projects will not be put into operation on the results of the year.

“Most national projects have been launched since January 1. And some of the measures in the implementation plans were formulated and clarified by the middle of the year. Therefore, national funding was delayed
projects, and execution. »

According to the results of the implementation of sales expenditures, Digital Economy was able to recover only 53.6%, being in the last place among others. Recall that in July, the figure was 32.4%, ie 558.8 billion rubles, and was lower than the average level of spending (42.5%). In early November, the Ministry of Communications
hoped to bring the level to 95.7%, to the end – to 85%, but the plans have not been implemented. Ministry of Communications spokesman Yevgeny Novikov stated that the agreement of many changes was made
is delayed “through the complex management system of the National Program”.

In the period 2020-2024 for the development of end-to-end technologies within the framework of the Digital Economy from the federal budget
the sum of 258 billion rubles will be directed. Thus, in the year, on average, the amount of budget financing will exceed 50 billion rubles. Receipts of the same sum – 50 billion rubles – annually
it is also expected from extrabudgetary sources. At the same time in 2019 the national project was allocated 108 million rubles from the budget. Another 57.9 billion rubles were left without real funding, and no
having received thematic government contracts and subsidy agreements from the Ministry of Communications.

The other 12 national projects are much better, some close to 100%. The National Science project fulfilled 98.3%, the Culture project 98.1%, the Health care 96.3%.

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