Review of IT-Weekly (14-20.12.2020): the fall of messengers and our social networks in the

the fall of messengers and our social networks in the “pirate list” of the European Commission

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Gennady Belash | 12/20/2020

Review of IT-Weekly (14-20.12.2020): the fall of messengers and our social networks in the

There are very few events this week that have had any impact on the IT market. However, on December 16, Telegram and WhatsApp fell after YouTube. Telegram crashed in which “Unlucky” in
mainly to users from Russia and Europe. St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kiev were the brightest red on the outage map. However, this week Telegram and VKontakte got into “pirate list»The European Commission.

Market data updated EMEA. IDC EMEA noted that III in the quarter of 2020, 34,022 servers were delivered to the Russian market of all types for $ 297.88 million. Compared to
the same period last year, the number of servers grew by 2.0%, and the volume of deliveries in monetary terms increased by 12.9%.

According to IDC EMEA, in the III quarter of 2020, the Russian market was supplied external storage systems for a total amount of $ 129.72 million. According to the results of the quarter, Huawei, Dell Technologies and
YADRO with shares of 31.0%, 15.4% and 11.7%, in monetary terms, respectively. The YADRO company occupies a leading place in the volume of supplied storage systems.

On the Russian market, a Russian ODM manufacturer Ricor launched mass production
industrial computers based on Intel Atom C3000 processors.


diHouse presented in Russia smart lighting line Yeelight

OCS Distribution adds SafePhone platform to portfolio

EMM SafePhone (Enterprise Mobility Management) implements the concept of secure remote access to corporate IP from mobile devices and is able to interact with both Android and iOS,
Windows, macOS and Aurora. The platform is certified by the FSTEC of Russia and included in the Unified Register of Russian computer programs and databases of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia. The solution is presented on the Russian market with
2010 and during this time has found application in more than 40 projects of organizations in the fuel and energy complex, the financial sector, healthcare and transport.

The developer is SRI SOKB. The SafePhone platform will be promoted and supported by specialists from the Information Security Department and OCS software.

Marvel-Distribution has re-branded

On the eve of its 30th anniversary, Marvel-Distribution has re-branded. One of the largest wide-profile IT distributors in Russia and the CIS countries has long gone beyond the traditional
wholesale supply business, becoming a modern service company. All these changes required a reflection in the corporate identity.
The new version of the logo is intended to emphasize that Marvel Distribution has matured, uses modern technologies and trends, and knows how to find an exact balance. However, he retains many features
the former logo, showing dedication to its history, reliability of reputation and continuity of experience.
The logo is integrated with a sign, which is a stylized Latin letter “V” (from the English Victory) with a characteristic element – an encrypted minimalistic arrow indicating the vector
constant development and growth. It also resembles the rostrum of a ship cutting through the waves of the sea.
The corporate color is a darker shade of blue that Pantone calls “classic blue”. This color means endless possibilities, manufacturability and confidence in tomorrow.
“Marvel Distribution” has also updated the company’s slogan, now it sounds like “Smart Distribution”.
“The development of the new corporate identity was carried out by the St. Petersburg branding agency Osoka, with which we have been cooperating for several years. The result is fresh, stylish, fully responsive
positioning of the company “, – says Alexander Yanovsky, Marketing Director of Marvel-Distribution.

OCS has become an official distributor of products Infoland

The company added zVirt and Termit systems to its portfolio. Both products are included in the register of domestic software.

zVirt is a server virtualization platform that allows you to manage virtualization servers, virtual machines, storages, clusters and other objects of the environment using a single console
virtualization. The solution supports online migration and balancing of virtual machines between hosts, and also works with both classic and software-defined storage systems, with networks with
using built-in functions and integration with third-party SD solutions.

Termit – software for providing remote user access to virtual desktops. The solution supports terminal access and allows you to run on Russian operating systems
legacy Windows applications.

Marvel offers solutions from the Russian developerResearch Institute “Scale

“Marvel-Distribution” signed an agreement with the Research Institute “Scale” (part of JSC “Concern Avtomatika” of the State Corporation “Rostec”), which is a developer of virtualization platforms, systems
video conferencing and telecommunication equipment.
Marvel’s partners have access to the entire range of research institutes, among which the VeiL VDI virtualization platform can be distinguished. It allows you to create user desktops in virtual machines,
hosted on dedicated servers, and not on a PC, which increases the company’s IS. Among the most popular vendor solutions is the ECP VEIL corporate cloud platform for creating
virtualized IT infrastructure of SMB enterprises. The platform is completely in-house developed by the Research Institute, without the use of specialized Opensource products, and is included in the Unified Register
domestic software ..
Another area of ​​work of the Research Institute “Scale” is the development of solutions for building unified communications systems. These include: software video conferencing server IVA AVES, server
protected video conferencing IVA AVES S, as well as hardware and software video terminal IVA LARGO.


The company “Basalt SPO” and the autonomous non-profit organization for the development of the radio-electronic industry “Consortium” Computing Machinery “ signed a memorandum of long-term cooperation.
The result of joint activities should be the formation of a domestic software and hardware platform, which is built on the principles of technological independence, develops taking into account
modern global trends in the field of IT and IT, complies with the requirements of Russian legislation. Such platform solutions are needed today by organizations with critical
information infrastructure.

MTS and Microsoft signed an agreement to develop the Russian Internet of Things market. The companies are integrating the Microsoft Azure IoT Central platform and the NV-IoT Internet of Things from MTS, as well as
will begin to provide access to the service for managing IoT devices Microsoft Azure IoT Hub through cloud provider #CloudMTS. Customers will also get the opportunity to implement
hybrid scenarios using edge computing, when data streams undergo primary processing at the place of their generation.

Seagate Technology Presents Study “How Companies Manage Data in SMB Enterprises” which covered 856 Russian enterprises in more than 10 industries. According to research, 68%
the data available to organizations today is not used in any way. The experts also highlighted two critical data storage issues that may cause SMEs to face
information leaks, as well as mechanical breakdown of media: decentralized storage and unsafe data exchange.

New products

LG Electronics announced the development of an autonomous robot,

which will use ultraviolet C (UV-C) light. For the disinfection of areas with high tactile interaction and heavy traffic. LG plans to offer a UV robot to hospitality companies
retail, corporate and education sectors in the US in early 2021.

ICL Techno and “Radix” created a joint storage system

The ICL Techno hardware complex includes 2U servers and disk shelves for rack mounting. The solution is targeted at SMEs and, in particular, retailers, but it is also suitable
government agencies, telecommunications companies and telecom operators.

Astra Linux Group, leading Russian developer of OS and virtualization tools, and company Huawei report successful completion of compatibility tests for a new
servers Huawei TaiShan 200 2280 V2 and special-purpose OS Astra Linux Special Edition “Novorossiysk” version 4.3.2 release.

Previously Astra Linux Group already announced the successful results of testing Astra Linux OS compatibility with the previous version of the server
Huawei based on 32-bit Kunpeng 916 processors.

Microsoft announced a number of improvements for Mac,

in particular, newer versions of Microsoft 365 apps for M1-based Macs. This will improve the performance of Microsoft office applications on the latest MacBooks.
Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. The new Office applications will also run on Intel-based Macs. The interface of new versions of applications is optimized in accordance with the style
operating system macOS Big Sur.

The new version of Word, Excel, Power Point and OneNote for Mac will include Fluent UI design elements as well as JC macOS Big Sur. Thanks to the Data from Picture app, users
will be able to take photos of spreadsheets on iPhone and turn them into data that can be edited in Excel for Mac. Cloud Solutions (MCS) introduced a new type of Low-latency NVMe drives to the Russian market – technology of superfast network drives. It guarantees a response speed of 0.5ms.
Low-latency NVMe technology is designed for high-load systems (ERP, databases) that require the responsiveness of the disk subsystem. Low-latency NVMe improves performance
corporate systems and the speed of external applications.

Results of activities

IDC EMEA Quarterly Server Tracker results in III in the quarter of 2020, 34,022 servers were delivered to the Russian market in the amount of $ 297.88 million, which is 2.0% more than
years ago, the volume of supplies in monetary terms increased by 12.9%.

Quarterly deliveries of servers of standard x86 architecture took 99.6% in terms of quantity and 83.5% in terms of money. The share of deliveries of RISC systems amounted to 16.5%, growth in monetary
expression – 69%. YADRO became the leader in the supply of RISC systems with a 78% share in monetary terms.

At the end of the quarter, Dell Technologies became the leader in the segment of standard x86 servers both in terms of the number of units supplied and in terms of value.
HPE and Lenovo took 2nd and 3rd positions in terms of volume in monetary terms, respectively.

VMware Announces Results III quarter of fiscal year 2021

Revenue for the third quarter of fiscal 2021 was $ 2.86 billion, an 8% increase over the third quarter of fiscal 2020. The amount of revenue from the sale of subscriptions, licenses and
SaaS solutions grew by 10% compared to the same indicator in the third quarter of 2020 to $ 1.32 billion.

Revenue from SaaS subscriptions and solutions was $ 676 million, up 44% from fiscal 2020 Q3 (24% of total revenue).

Based on IDC EMEA Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker research, in the third quarter of 2020, external storage systems were delivered to the Russian market for a total amount of $ 129.72 million.
According to the results of the quarter, Huawei, Dell Technologies and YADRO are leading in the Russian external storage market with shares of 31.0%, 15.4% and 11.7%, in monetary terms, respectively. YADRO company
takes a leading place in the volume of delivered storage systems.

The data storage systems market showed growth in monetary terms, but decreased in the delivered volume of capacities compared to Q3 2019. Mid-range systems continue
form the basis of the market with a share of 82.2% in monetary terms, demonstrating an increase of 31.7% in relation to the same period last year. The growth was also demonstrated by the supply of systems for
based on flash drives.

The flash-based segment saw an increase of over 38%. Growth was recorded in the segment of hyperconverged platforms.

Information Security

“Beeline Business” together with Group-IB expands the portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and launches a comprehensive solution “Cyber ​​Threat Protection Service”, which allows you to protect your IT infrastructure
clients from sophisticated targeted attacks and APT threats, including those using ransomware viruses, banking Trojans, spyware, etc., which are not detected by standard means:
antivirus, firewall and intrusion prevention systems.

MyOffice, a Russian manufacturer of office software, announced the receipt of the FSTEC of Russia certificate, which confirms the compliance of the product “MyOffice Standard” with the requirements for funds
ensuring the security of information technology at the 4th level of trust. MyOffice is a Russian office software, the security of which is confirmed by the certificates of the FSTEC of Russia, the FSB of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Can
be used at critical infrastructure facilities and information systems with increased requirements for information security.

ELVIS-PLUS and Aktiv have conducted a series of tests for the compatibility of their products. Based on the results obtained, a compatibility certificate was issued confirming
correct operation of the ZASTAVA-Client VPN / FW “ZASTAVA, version 6” software package with electronic identifiers and Rutoken smart cards.

Zecurion and Infosecurity Launch New Information Leak Prevention Service based on the DLP system Zecurion – INFOSECURITY TRACKER. Service providers undertake the entire cycle of work on
preparing a customer for the implementation of a DLP system: from classifying corporate information to installing and configuring a DLP system.

Data centers

State Corporation “Rosatom” has brought to the market “Mobile data processing center”. It is a mobile complex for collecting, processing, storing and transmitting data. It was created by the specialists of FSUE RFNC –
VNIITF named after academician E.I. Zababakhina ”(part of Rosatom).

It is a complex of computing, engineering and communication equipment located in a specialized transport container and moved by means of transport vehicles.
Consists of an operator’s, climatic and aggregate compartments, in which a computer complex, cooling racks and a refrigerating machine, a diesel generator set are respectively located
and UPS.


Sberbank launched its own tax refund service

The SberResheniya company, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, together with the team of the Wealth Management block of Sberbank, developed the Tax Deduction service for registration of social, property
and investment tax deduction for IIA.

The service is available on the SberSolution website. The company’s tax consultants will fill out a 3-NDFL declaration for the client and help
send a package of documents to the tax office without leaving your home. They will also advise on the declaration of additional income required for deduction of documents and how to send them to
tax office. Users of the “Gosuslugi” portal can receive a 2-NDFL certificate automatically directly in the personal account of SberSolutions.

Many do not draw up a tax deduction due to the complexity of drawing up the declaration and lack of time. Our new service dramatically simplifies and speeds up the process: on average, only one document is prepared
day. We have developed a user-friendly personal account interface, implemented a simplified authorization through Sber ID and automated the receipt of 2-NDFL, and about all the intricacies of tax deduction
contact our experts.

Sberbank’s corporate clients can now confirm transactions in the Internet Bank SberBusiness from computers on macOSusing an enhanced electronic signature. The development of an electronic key (token) compatible with Apple software was one of the most
frequent wishes of SberBusiness users.

The new electronic key was developed by the Aktiv company on the initiative and with the direct participation of the bank’s cybersecurity department. It allows you to sign agreements with the bank and bilateral
documents in a package. Keys on the token cannot be copied and are used only inside the token. Before offering “Rutoken” TLS to a wide audience, Sberbank for 10 months
conducted pilot tests among 1,500 Moscow entrepreneurs.

VTB added the function of transferring money from a mobile bank to smartphone contacts. Users of the new VTB Online will be able to send funds to other VTB clients by selecting them directly from
phone book. The technology will halve the number of actions required compared to a standard operation in a banking application. The function is available on the Android platform.

Mosmetro in partnership with VTB, Google and Mastercard have launched a new service for instant payment of metro fares

Owners of mobile devices with the Google Pay payment service and Mastercard can now instantly pay for the entrance to the Moscow Metro and MCC. To do this, simply turn on the screen
on a smartphone and bring it to the reader at the turnstiles equipped for accepting bank cards.

VTB Bank was the first in Russia to issue a digital bank guarantee in the commercial operation of the Russian blockchain platform Masterchain… Гарантия исполнения платежных обязательств на сумму
392 млн рублей была выдана в пользу ведущей российской компании по предоставлению цифровых, медийных и телекоммуникационных сервисов ПАО «МТС».

ВТБ и «Магнит» запустили платежный сервис Magnit Pay

Он позволит оплачивать покупки в любом магазине, в том числе онлайн. После регистрации в приложении покупатель получит
расширенные возможности – выпуск цифровой карты, на которой можно будет держать до 60 тыс. рублей и ежемесячно тратить до 200 тыс. рублей своих личных средств, а также осуществлять переводы на
другие российские карты. Пополнять ее можно бесплатно с любых других карт или добавить в Рау сервисы. Участникам программы лояльности в качестве бонуса будут начисляться дополнительные 0,5% от
суммы покупки по Magnit Pay, а первые 30 дней – в два раза больше.

Государство Group стала партнером Министерства цифрового развития и связи Алтайского края. Компания поможет развивать ИТ в регионе, в том числе внедрять коммуникационные сервисы, облачные
хранилища и системы обработки больших данных в министерствах, региональных ведомствах и других учреждениях. Group и Министерство подписали меморандум о сотрудничестве. Регион проведет цифровую трансформацию государственного управления с помощью продуктов « для бизнеса».

МТС и «Интэк» сообщают о реализации комплексного проекта

по переводу ИТ-инфраструктуры компании в облако #CloudMTS. На облачную платформу перенесено ПО, позволяющее реализовывать проекты по мониторингу транспорта в Архангельской и Вологодской областях.
На облачную площадку перенесены системы, связанные с управлением операционной деятельностью компании. В облаке хранится и обрабатывается большой массив данных почти с двух тысяч единиц автомобилей,
тракторов и спецтехники, на основе которых специалисты компании формируют решения для компаний-клиентов. В перспективе планируется перенести системы, связанные с бухгалтерией и финансами.


Tele2 предлагает воспользоваться сервисом почасовой аренды портативных зарядных устройств… Аренда Power Bank и их оплата осуществляется с помощью специального приложения, при этом сдать
устройство можно в любом другом салоне Tele2, участвующем в проекте. Сейчас станции с внешними аккумуляторами доступны в салонах Москвы и области, но в ближайшее время сервис планируется запустить
и в других регионах. Стоимость аренды составит 50 рублей в час, при этом для абонентов Tele2 – первый час бесплатно.

Билайн объявляет о 100% покрытии сетью 4G на всех станциях московского метро,

а также на большей части прилегающих к ним тоннелей. По данным Билайн.Аналитика мобильный трафик в метро продолжает расти – по итогам ноября 2020 года пользователи Билайн скачали в 2,5 раза больше
контента по сравнению с ноябрем прошлого года. Уже 93% клиентов компании во время поездок в метро активно используют мобильный интернет.

«ВымпелКом» (бренд Билайн) и Nokia объявляют о стратегическом партнерстве в области реализации концепции Open RAN, которая позволит в будущем ускорить развертывание сетей 5G. Стороны
подписали меморандум, который предусматривает совместные исследования в сфере Open RAN, а также тестирование перспективных технических решений на основе этой концепции для их последующего внедрения
на сети оператора. Group и Miele заключили стратегическое партнерство в области цифровой трансформации бизнеса. Команда Group будет помогать Miele автоматизировать ключевые процессы, включая
маркетинг и HR, а также обучать сотрудников партнера работе с  цифровыми инструментами.

В рамках сотрудничества компании планируют использовать решения на базе больших данных, искусственного интеллекта, облачных и других технологий/

Сервисное обслуживание

Торговая Сеть ТЕХНОНИКОЛЬ разработала инструмент,

не имеющий аналогов у российских продавцов строительных материалов: внесение изменений и онлайн-доплаты в ранее сформированный и оплаченный заказ. Сервис является внутренней разработкой технических
специалистов и интернет-маркетологов ТСТН. В его основе лежит реорганизация бизнес-процессов по обработке заказов и их резервированию. Данная функция позволяет изменить заказ до момента его
отгрузки, в т.ч. изменить товарный состав по артикулу, количеству, добавить доставку и совершить онлайн-доплату с мгновенным зачислением денег.

2ГИС, входящий в экосистему Сбера, запустил грузовой навигатор

и показал на картах инфраструктуру федеральных трасс. География грузового навигатора включает 99 городов и более 4500 населённых пунктов в 30 регионах России. Таким образом 2ГИС стал крупнейшим в
России бесплатным картографическим сервисом с навигацией для грузовиков.


Компания Inventive eCommerce (входит в ГК Inventive Retail Group) подписала соглашение с производителем бытовой техники Dyson о создании сети бренд-шопов на ведущих российских маркетплейсах.

Первая брендированная площадка Dyson появилась на, в 2021 году заработает бренд-зона на и Работы по созданию бренд-шопа на начались осенью 2020 года.


«Связной» завершил первую фазу внедрения системы SAP Advanced Track&Trace (ATT) для маркировки и отслеживания движения фотоаппаратов и вспышек в соответствии с требованиями
российского законодательства. Архитектуру проекта разработали эксперты SAP Services CIS.

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