The fate of the LG Rollable foldable rollable is in the air

The fate of the LG Rollable foldable rollable is in the air

The future of LG Rollable’s flagship rollable smartphone has been suspended in mid-air as LG Electronics seeks to sell its unprofitable mobile division. This was reported by the South Korean edition The korea herald

The company confirmed this Friday that it is still developing Rollable, a premium rollable smartphone with a rollable display, according to a source. However, the company added that it has not yet decided whether they will release the device to the market.

During the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, LG unveiled a video of a prototype of the original device that got everyone’s attention. Soon after that, reports began to appear in the media that the gadget would appear on the market in the form of a full-fledged product this year.

Later, some Korean industry sources said that the company may abandon the Rollable project, because it fears a repeat of the failure that befell another unusual smartphone, LG Wing, equipped with two screens with a rotating mechanism. Despite the forest reviews in the press, where the novelty was nicknamed the smartphone of the future, as well as the high hopes of LG itself, the smartphone was greeted without enthusiasm on the market. Since its release last September, the company has sold just 100,000 of these smartphones.

Lg wing

The failure of the Wing model has added nails to the coffin of LG’s smartphone business, which has suffered only losses since 2015. As of last year, the line’s operating loss was 800 billion won (over $ 700 million), and the cumulative over five years was about 5 trillion won ($ 4.5 billion).

According to analysts, even if by some miracle the company does release a Rollable smartphone, and its sales turn out to be much more successful than Wing’s, it will still not change the current deplorable state of LG’s mobile division. At the same time, Rollable’s success could add trump cards to potential buyers of its mobile business. She will be able to ask for a higher price for it, experts say.

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