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The fate of TikTok’s American business is unlikely to be decided under President Trump

In early fall, Donald Trump insisted that Chinese TikTok developers transfer their American assets to a consortium of local companies, along with control over American user data. Otherwise, TikTok was threatened with a ban on continuing operations in the United States. Now sources agree that the issue will not be resolved until the change of the president in the United States.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

US government agencies have pushed ByteDance, which owns TikTok, to complete a deal involving a consortium of US companies before the end of this year, but recently the previous deadlines expired and no new ones were appointed. The court’s decision also blocked a requirement for Apple and Google to ban American users from downloading the TikTok app. The fate of TikTok’s American business remains in limbo, Reuters notes.

Government authorities have filed an appeal against the ban on TikTok by American citizens. Now TikTok users in the United States remain about 100 million people. At the preliminary stage, the participation in the deal with ByteDance of Walmart and Oracle companies was discussed, which would have gained control over the data of American TikTok users, but the parties never came to an agreement. Chinese regulators have set their own conditions according to which you cannot export the key recommendation algorithm used in TikTok.

According to sources interviewed by Reuters, the US government is unlikely to have time to solve the problem with TikTok before Donald Trump is forced to leave the presidency of the country on January 20. The chances of a deal hitting in January are vanishingly slim. This means that the fate of TikTok will be decided by Joseph Biden, who won the elections this fall.

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