The flexible Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 turns out to be quite durable and its hinges are protected from dust

Foldable smartphones, of course, are inferior in strength to the usual candy bars. Nevertheless, Samsung has made significant strides in improving their designs. This was demonstrated by the famous video blogger JerryRigEverything, who posted a video on YouTube in which he tests the strength of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.


When it comes to smartphone displays, there has been no jump. The outer screen is covered with a protective Gorilla Glass Victus, which is very difficult to leave scratches on, but the inner screen can still be scratched even with a fingernail, not to mention the harder materials.

However, the new device has significantly improved the hinge mechanism. Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, which hinges collected all the dust and began to creak and jam, the Z Fold 2 is completely immune to this problem. Dust does not get inside the mechanism, which has a beneficial effect on the operation of the hinge and its durability. This was achieved through the use of small brushes inside the mechanism, which are inherited from the Galaxy Z Flip.

Overall, the smartphone is quite robust compared to other flexible devices. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has not yet rid the design of all “childhood diseases”, although work in this direction is underway, and this is noticeable.

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