The flying DeLorean got closer. IT Market

The flying DeLorean got closer. IT Market

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Sergei Dragun | 08/31/2020

The Japanese company SkyDrive conducted a four-minute manned flight of an electric vehicle with vertical take-off and landing.

The flight time was four minutes, the plane with the pilot on board rose to a height of 3 meters. Three minutes is not too short – the first flight of the Wright brothers lasted twelve seconds.

The aircraft has one seat, eight engines and two propellers.

The SkyDrive project was launched in 2012 by members of the Cartivator volunteer organization. Development of a flying car began in 2014, and this year the developer received funding from the Bank
development of Japan and other investors.

There are now several companies on the market developing similar technologies – aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus and automakers Toyota and Porsche. In January of this year, Hyundai and Uber announced
collaboration to create an all-electric air taxi.

Morgan Stanley analysts expect urban air taxis to become commonplace by 2040, with the global market at $ 1.4 trillion to $ 2.9 trillion by then.

However, experts believe that the existing technology still needs to be improved, and besides, it will be very expensive.

Another problem is design. The machines must be powerful enough to carry payload and quiet enough to fly at low altitudes.

Ella Atkins, a professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Michigan, believes they will be more energy efficient than helicopters, but not as efficient as cars. Fly off
they will not work in the store.

They will likely be in demand in remote communities, in areas with difficult terrain.

By 2023, SkyDrive plans to start selling a two-seater version of a flying car at a price of 300-500 thousand. dollars.

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