The following Apple Watch can receive a blood oxygen sensor

The following Apple Watch can receive a blood oxygen sensor

According to the post DigiTimesthe resource refers to 9to5Mac, the new smart watch Apple Watch Series 6 for the first time for the series will receive a pulse oximeter or blood oxygen sensor.

Indirect evidence of the presence of this sensor was also previously found in the code of the new version of the watchOS 7 operating system. 9to5Mac indicates that Apple Watch owners have long been arguing that the optical heart rate sensors used in the watch allegedly also have a hidden function of measuring blood oxygen levels, at least at an approximate level. However, it cannot be activated.

Apple announced the new watchOS 7 OS last month and without any mention or hint about the ability to monitor blood oxygen. According to the source, this may be due to the fact that the introduction of this function into the device will require the company to make changes not only at the software, but also at the hardware level.

Message DigitalTimes in turn indicates that to support the above-mentioned function in the new Apple Watch Series 6, the company is going to use a separate independent sensor.

Most adults and healthy people have blood oxygen levels above 95%. In turn, a lack of oxygen can indicate serious problems with the respiratory system, as well as lead to disruption of the heart and brain. Similar to a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen level sensor can alert the user of an existing problem, and the gadget in which it is used may even advise its user to consult a doctor for advice.

Typically, Apple announces a new series of Apple Watch smartwatches in the fall, along with the presentation of new iPhone smartphones. According to the latest data, this year, most likely due to the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement of devices may be delayed by several weeks compared to the previously planned date.

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