The Gathering Arena Replenished with Cards from Kaladesh: Update

The Gathering Arena Replenished with Cards from Kaladesh: Update

Wizards of the Coast has announced the next patch for Magic: The Gathering Arena, the digital version of its collectible card game. The patch adds maps from Kaladesh: Update to the project.

Kaladesh: The Renewal has 314 cards (including the Shifting Steel promo card) from the Kaladesh and Aether Revolt sets. For a complete list, visit the dedicated page on the Wizards of the Coast official website.

After the completion of the technical work related to the update of the Magic: The Gathering Arena client, the free lands of the Kaladesh: Update release became available for download (using the TryKaladesh code) in the in-game store.

As with August Amonkhet: The Renewal, all cards from Kaladesh: The Renewal are available exclusively in Historical format – no Standard, including Skirmish.

The patch brought with it bug fixes and optimization improvements, as well as several events for the new release (Sealed, Traditional Draft, Premier Draft, and Trial Draft).

In addition, on November 20, in the “Historical Fight” format, the “Inventors’ Fair” festival will begin with a one-time entry fee (2.5 thousand units of gold or 500 crystals) and an unlimited number of matches.

While Magic: The Gathering Arena is available only on PC, it will appear on iOS and Android in early 2021. In October, the CEO of Hasbro spoke about this, and now the developers themselves have confirmed the information.

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