The Gathering Share Details on Rise of Zendikar, New Releases and Mobile Game

The Gathering Share Details on Rise of Zendikar, New Releases and Mobile Game

Wizards of the Coast yesterday shared details on the upcoming releases of Magic: The Gathering, including the Rise of Zendikar and the mobile version of the game.

The Rise of Zendikar will take players to the magic world of the same name. More than 20 maps were shown on the stream (for example, the wanderers in the worlds of Nahiri and Jace), and also talked about the main features of the release.

For example, with the release of Rise of Zendikar in Magic: The Gathering, the Booster and Landfall will return, as well as special double-faced cards and the Squad mechanic.

In terms of future plans for Wizards of the Coast, the following releases are coming to Magic: The Gathering fans in 2021:

  • Kaldheim (winter) – the world of Vikings and Scandinavian legends;
  • Strixhaven (Spring) – The most elite university in the Multiverse;
  • Adventures in Forgotten Worlds (Summer) – a Dungeons & Dragons-inspired edition;
  • two sets in Innistrad (autumn) – return of vampires and werewolves.

These issues will be released in a standard format, and for the fans of “Commander” and “Modern”, the developers have prepared “Time Spiral: Update” (first half of the year) and “Modern Horizons 2” (second half).

We’ve also spoken to Wizards of the Coast about the mobile version of Magic: The Gathering Arena. The developers did not go into details, but they assured that the release was already very close.

In Magic: The Gathering Arena, Rise of Zendikar will be released on September 17th this year, and the tabletop version of the collectible card game will arrive in a week on September 25th.

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