The grand battle and Mila Jovovich in the teaser for the movie Monster Hunter

The grand battle and Mila Jovovich in the teaser for the movie Monster Hunter

After several years of development, the public finally saw the first footage of the film adaptation of Monster Hunter – in our box office the picture will be called “Monster Hunter”. Sony and IGN have shared a short video from director Paul W.S. Anderson that gives an idea of ​​what to expect from the upcoming movie.

The video is very short, but it promises a decisive battle. Milla Jovovich as Lieutenant Artemis and rapper T.I. in the role of Link, they are going to fight the giant Black Diablos, who catches them by surprise, breaking out from under the sands into the desert. The teaser does not feature any of the series’ signature swords, although the published promotional images make it clear that they will still be in the movie.

The film also features popular action actors such as Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Diego Boneta and Meagan Good. The film is only scheduled to be released in theaters this December, although it won’t be surprising if quarantine measures delay the screening or lead to the digital debut of the film, as many have already done.

According to the plot, as a result of a sandstorm, Lieutenant Artemis and her squad find themselves in an unfamiliar world, where huge monsters are found. Trying to survive, the fighters meet and join forces with the mysterious Hunter (who is played by Tony Jha), who knows how to effectively fight monsters.

It looks like it could be a classic video game adaptation – for good or bad. If, however, there is reason for optimism: both Mr. Anderson and Milla Jovovich are known for the series of films “Resident Evil”, which are consistently popular. And the names of some of the actors allow us to hope for a good result. The project will probably not be a timeless classic, but it could be quite successful.

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