Hospital in Kommunarka received drones from Renault Russia

The hospital in Kommunarka received drones from Renault Russia. IT Market

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Ekaterina Alexandrova | 07/16/2020

Hospital in Kommunarka received drones from Renault Russia

As part of a joint project with the Moscow Government, Renault Russia has donated unmanned vehicles (AGVs) to the hospital complex in Kommunarka of the Moscow Department of Health.

The first drone entered the hospital three months ago and successfully proved itself in test mode, now two more devices will be sent there. Renault launched a project to integrate into the system
on a permanent basis three new generation AGVs. All of them have a convenient 360-degree swivel mechanism.

To use unmanned aerial vehicles in the hospital, the necessary infrastructure and software were implemented – its own server and charging station, a web application was developed for effective management

Unmanned aerial vehicles have allowed medical personnel to automate significant and labor-intensive processes – the delivery of linen and food. Depending on the task, one device can travel up to 72 km in
day. Every day, unmanned vehicles can deliver up to 1000 kg of linen to the hospital departments, and also promptly deliver food to the staff of the medical facility.

The drone capabilities significantly reduce the workload and improve safety amid the ongoing epidemic. Renault notes that all vehicles are designed and manufactured
engineers of the capital plant.

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