The Humble Bundle gives a sale to Stellaris and its add-ons

The Humble Bundle gives a sale to Stellaris and its add-ons

The hallmark of the Humble Bundle store is selling bundles of games at a low price. Recently, on the site, everyone could buy a collection of adventure projects Tales of Love & Adventure, and now the service has been marked with a new offer called the Humble Stellaris Discovery Bundle – it includes the space strategy Stellaris and additions to it.

The aforementioned collection, as is usual with the Humble Bundle, is implemented in a stepwise system. At each of the levels, the buyer can receive certain goods if he pays no less than the specified amount.

  • For $ 1 or more, users will get the basic version of Stellaris;
  • For $ 9.21 or more, the following add-ons will be added to the game: Stellaris: Utopia, Stellaris: Plantoids Species Pack, and Stellaris: Leviathans. The price at this level may rise. It is the arithmetic average of all purchase amounts;
  • By paying $ 15 or more, the player will receive all of the aforementioned items, plus Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn, Stellaris: Apocalypse, Stellaris: MegaCorp, and Stellaris: Ancient Relics Story Pack.

The kit will be on sale until March 24, 21:00 Moscow time. If you purchase products from the collection separately, then you will have to pay $ 137 for it (excluding regional prices).

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