The legendary iPhone 4 is ten years old

June 7 marks ten years since Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 and FaceTime during WWDC 2010 in San Francisco. A few months before the presentation, the prototype of the legendary smartphone fell into the hands of Gizmodo employees due to the fact that one of the Apple engineers forgot it in the bar.

iPhone 4 brought with it a huge number of innovations and became one of the most recognizable devices of the company. The smartphone differed from its predecessors in a radically updated design. The front and back panels of the device were made of tempered glass, and the entire filling of the smartphone was mounted on a solid stainless steel frame, which favorably distinguished the “four” from previous iPhone 3G and 3GS. Steve Jobs from the scene called him the thinnest smartphone in history, which was not far from the truth. In addition, it was the first iPhone with a Retina display. By the way, a screen with the same pixel density is used in the current iPhone 11 and SE.

But the smartphone also had flaws. iPhone 4 lost several divisions of the signal strength indicator of a cellular connection with a certain grip. A huge number of users complained about the problem, and the press called it an “antennae.” Apple had to react and offer all owners of the device a free silicone bumper, which eliminated the flaw and, moreover, protected the smartphone well.

Together with the “four” was introduced FaceTime video service, which has gained immense popularity among users of Apple devices. By the way, the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev became the first owner of the iPhone 4, who received the device as a gift personally from Steve Jobs.

Judging by the available data, the iPhone 12 family, which will be presented this year, will receive a design with straight side faces that will overlap with the appearance of the iPhone 4.

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