The logic step is improving the Coca-Cola network infrastructure

Step Logic has completed work on upgrading its Coca-Cola HBC Russia wireless network infrastructure. The project was implemented based on Cisco solutions and is geographically covered
production, warehouses and offices of the customer. As a result, the reliability of wireless infrastructure has been enhanced to provide the company’s core business systems and services.

As part of its Coca-Cola business development strategy, HBC Russia implements a number of business optimization and digitization projects and production processes. Integrated modernization works
Coca-Cola HBC’s Wi-Fi infrastructure in Russia and Moulton’s juice department operated Step Logic. The company’s techniques are based on the new Cisco networking equipment
upgraded the wireless network, expanded Wi-Fi coverage in warehouses and production areas, and designed the network in the Coca-Cola HBC Russia office space.

At the stage of modernization of the wireless network for the work of the warehouse management system (Warehouse Management System), the specialists-integrators performed the installation, physical replacement of the equipment, radio engineering intelligence
the resulting coverage area. About 150 access points were organized and 35 switches were installed. The works were carried out at the warehouses of five Coca-Cola HBC Russia and Multon plants,
located in Moscow, Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Rostov region. Quickly control new equipment start-up and minimize downtime on the network and in operation
composition, all work was performed in strictly defined, consistent and minimal time intervals.

Due to the launch of the process management system (batch process management), the next stage of work was designing and increasing the Wi-Fi network coverage area at the production facilities.
customers in Moscow and Rostov-on-Don. This system monitors the process, shipment and records of manufactured products. Conducted by Step Logic experts
replacement of access points and switches. The project is designed to provide 100% redundancy in wireless coverage by implementing two access point cycles on the same network,
Optional redundancy is provided for optical lines between existing switching centers.

In addition, the Step Logic team has created a wireless network for the largest customer premises in Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg,
Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov region, Samara, Vladivostok. The integrator technicians recorded the current situation regarding coverage and placement of points
Wi-Fi access, designed with sufficient network coverage based on sophisticated RF scheduling: coverage modeling and radio survey tools. As a result
The customer received a list of recommendations for changing current locations and methods for installing access points, as well as adding new points, taking into account the technical characteristics of new equipment.

According to the company, all work on upgrading the Wi-Fi network at the facilities was carried out at existing production and storage facilities. Therefore, it was necessary to maintain continuity
processes and meet all customer requirements for occupational health and safety.

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