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The Ministry of Finance has requested 19.4 billion for the development of the Russian OS “Aurora”

The Ministry of Finance has requested 118.4 billion rubles from the federal budget for the development of digital infrastructure in the period from 2021 to 2023. Of these, 19.4 billion rubles, the department plans to spend on the development of the Russian mobile operating system “Aurora”. Writes about this “Kommersant”.

Personnel Council

Photo source: network publication “Personnel Council”

According to Andrey Chernenko, deputy head of the Ministry of Digital Science, the development of the Russian OS includes the development of applications for Aurora. In addition, the department plans to purchase 700 thousand tablets based on the aforementioned OS for teachers and doctors by 2024.

Russian IT-companies Aquarius and Baiterg may become potential recipients of state funds, said a source in the government. This is due to the fact that so far only they produce tablets at Aurora. Representatives of “Aquarius” declined to comment on the situation, and “Baiterg” did not have time to respond to the request by the time of publication.

A source of Kommersant in the government also said that the Ministry of Digital Industry will allocate funds for the development of new chipsets with support for 5G communications. He claims the authorities have already been in talks with MediaTek and the chip development is estimated at around $ 3 million. The creation of special software, presumably, will require another 600 million rubles.

In 2019, the authorities wanted to transfer Russian officials to the Aurora. For this, a project was even drawn up worth more than 160 billion rubles, but it was abandoned due to doubts about the safety of the OS. The thing is that the Finnish company Jolla, founded by former employees of Nokia, was initially involved in the development of the system. Law enforcement authorities considered that cryptographic keys could be transferred abroad.

Probably, the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Industry is connected with the November instruction of Vladimir Putin. The President demanded from the government and Rostelecom to provide a plan to expand the use of OS Aurora in medical and educational organizations.

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