The number of visits to the State Services Portal of St. Petersburg exceeded 100 million

The number of visits to the State Services Portal of St. Petersburg exceeded 100 million

The portal of state services of St. Petersburg started its work in 2007. At that time, only 5 electronic state services were available to the St. Petersburg people. Today more than 250 government services and services can be obtained on the Portal,
pay fines and duties, submit electronic complaints, get up-to-date information on all state services of St. Petersburg and evaluate their quality.

Every day, thousands of Petersburgers help the Portal to solve a variety of issues. Over 13 years, the Portal has recorded over 100 million visits.

5 reasons for the Portal’s popularity:

1. He is always there.

Government services and services are available 24/7 from any device – computer, smartphone, tablet, even on holidays and weekends, including through the mobile application “government services
St. Petersburg “on iOS and Android platforms.

2. He is trusted.

The information on the Portal is updated daily and is always in accordance with the law.

3. Helps in any situation.

The portal offers services of their various spheres: social support, health care, education, transport, real estate, labor relations, business and others.

4. Takes care of data security.

Access to the Personal Area of ​​the Portal is done using the Unified Identification and Authentication System (the only login and password for government portals and sites across the country).

5. Keeps up to date.

You can track the progress of the provision of state services after submitting an application on the Portal or the MFC in the Personal Area, via email or sms.

Save your time and use St. Petersburg State Services Portal!

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