The official photo of the PlayStation 5 is lying: you can’t do without a stand

The official photo of the PlayStation 5 is lying: you can’t do without a stand

At the presentation of the new PlayStation 5 game console, Sony only briefly showed the new console not only in vertical but also in horizontal position. If we omit the details of the design disputes, many netizens were also interested in the question of whether the prefix can really be placed in a horizontal position. It seems like you can. True, with one but.

The network has a new official image of the PlayStation 5, leaked from the database of one of the European branches of the online store Amazon. On it, the console, presented in the usual (with disk) and digital (without a drive) versions, is in a horizontal position, and the new DualSense game controllers are located nearby.

One question seems to have become less. But another appeared. Apparently, the PlayStation 5 will be the first ever game console, which will require the use of a special stand not only for vertical but also for horizontal layout. Its part is visible in the published image under the prefix itself.

Probably, the stand itself will also be present complete with the console. At the presentation, and then at the unofficial PlayStation 5 3D rendering, it can be seen that the unusual shape of the console does not allow it to stand upright without a stand.

In addition, as you can see in the picture above, for each version of the PS5, the stand will have different sizes and shapes.

The release of the PlayStation 5 is expected at the end of 2020. If you believe the leak of French Amazon, the console will appear on shelves in November. Its price is 500 euros for the version with a drive. The cost of the digital version is likely to be 50-100 euros lower.

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