Silent Hill 2

The official Silent Hill page has appeared on Twitter – hint of an imminent announcement?

Twitter appeared Silent Hill franchise official account… This event indirectly confirms the truth of the rumors that Konami is going to gently reboot the series: so that new players can join without knowing about the previous parts, and the old ones are satisfied.

Silent Hill 2

According to insider Dusk Golem, a new part of Silent Hill could have been announced at the PlayStation online event in June this year, but this did not happen. Given the extremely positive reputation Dusk Golem has earned for divulging the correct information about the development of several parts of Resident Evil, his words can be trusted – perhaps Konami decided to make a statement later.

However, there is no mention of the new game in the official Silent Hill account. His activity boils down to an addition to Dead by Daylight and retweets of fan art. Recall that back in March this year, Konami denied rumors that Sony Interactive Entertainment is working on the revival of the series. “We know about all the rumors and reports, but we can confirm that they are not true, – said the company. – I understand that your fans were counting on a different answer. This does not mean that we are shutting the door of the franchise – we just do not do what the rumors say. “

But rumors continue to circulate. After the game did not appear at the June PlayStation Online Event, Dusk Golem wrote: “I know that the event [PlayStation] was divided into two halves, and some of the announcements were postponed until August. I suspected that one of these would be Silent Hill, given the timing of its release and the presence in the program of the show Resident Evil 8 “… A Venturebeat journalist approvesthat a new PlayStation online event will take place in the first half of August.

Therefore, there is still hope.

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