На скамейках можно не только восстановить здоровье, но и насладиться прекрасным видом

The Origami King – collapsing. Review / Games

The history of paper Mario began back in 2000 on the Nintendo 64. The debut Paper Mario offered not only an entertaining style with leaf characters, but also combined the plumber’s platform roots with RPG elements. It turned out in the style of a Japanese company – bright and very original. True, over time, the concept of the Paper Mario series has changed several times, losing more and more RPG components. Paper Mario: The Origami King is also desperate to pretend to be a role-playing project, but the actor from the game turned out to be extremely unconvincing.

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Princess Peach’s ability to forever fall into the clutches of villains will be the envy of any video game character. Dear, have a conscience! So this time the poor girl got into trouble – they made origami out of her, depriving her of her personality, and the huge castle was simply hijacked, lifted into the air. Yes, it turns out you can – you just need to be a paper villain who wants to enslave the world by turning everyone into folding figures. And at the same time be able to collect at least something from square sheets, otherwise what kind of antagonist is.

On the benches, you can not only restore health, but also enjoy the beautiful view

On the benches, you can not only restore health, but also enjoy the beautiful view

Naturally, Mario had no choice but to once again help out everyone and everything, going on a journey through fire, water and copper pipes. Literally. After all, a rescue operation requires the ability to control the forces of the elements. Boring and corny? Oh-ho-ho-ho, now imagine that all this needs to be done for a couple of dozen hours, constantly bumping into very, very strange gameplay solutions.

The main enemy of the game, ironically, was not the final boss, but the combat system. The Origami King, as I said, is desperate to pretend to be a role-playing project. There are equipment, accessories, life points, first-aid kits and, of course, battles in individual arenas. For the first twenty minutes, they even seem cool: you move certain parts of the level to yourself for a while so that the enemies line up or form a square. If you managed to solve the problem, then you get bonus damage, and then jump over the heads of any living creatures or beat them with a hammer. The attack will be further intensified if you press the button in time.

By the tenth hour of the passage, looking at this screen is already unbearable

By the tenth hour of the passage, looking at this screen is already unbearable

It seems to be not bad, you can live with this, but the battles are enough only for the entry. Further, the combat system does not develop in any way and does not offer anything new. Moreover, for the brawls, apart from coins, which are already generously scattered around the world, they do not give anything. Experience and growth in levels? Any motivation to participate in this orgy? Pf-f-f, why – here’s a bunch of obligatory battles with ordinary opponents for “thank you”. Just to be. To some extent, the situation is saved by the bosses, but even tactical confrontations with especially strong rivals over time begin to irritate the protractedness and the need to repeat the same actions a bunch of times. Especially while trying to find the opponent’s weakness.

The funny thing is that the producer of the fresh Paper Mario asks not to perceive the game as strictly role-playing. Like, “we have an adventure here, come without prejudice.” No question, I would be happy to do this, honestly, if I did not slip enemies from whom there is practically no escape, surprise attacks in the spirit of random battles from jRPG and other imposing of a useless combat system. Seriously, when you meet each new battle with the words “can I not?”, Then, probably, in the game something works wrong.

Moreover, the developers, apparently, at some point noticed a problem, so somewhere closer to the second half, a considerable part of the battles moves to real time, without going to separate arenas. There are more interesting bosses who need to hit vulnerable points, dodging attacks, and in general, in such a dynamic form, The Origami King feels much more pleasant. And much more fits the definition of “adventure”. Actually, due to such a contrast in combat mechanics, it seems that the new part of Paper Mario was made by different teams who did not fully decide whose solution is better, and as a result, both options were put into the game.

Legion of stationery. It seems that we have not fought with this yet!

Legion of stationery. It seems that we have not fought with this yet!

Unevenness is also noticeable in the levels. During his adventures, Mario will visit a lot of the most diverse and picturesque places, but if some leave pleasant impressions, others will frankly enrage: the need to re-pass the same tests, because you, it turns out, missed something during their implementation; the opportunity to die by choosing the wrong option in the dialogue; or by impudent dragging out of time, when one of the accompanying characters cannot even walk two steps so as not to get lost. He, of course, will need to be searched again and again. All this is superimposed on forced battles, which quickly leads to a sad result – The Origami King simply does not want to start again.

It’s a shame, since the very idea of ​​Paper Mario is very entertaining. Usually the plumber jumps on platforms or drives on the map without really interacting with the world. However, it is in this unusual series that Nintendo allows you to look at a familiar world from a different angle. Chat with different characters, be surprised at non-standard and funny situations in which the heroes find themselves – and there are a lot of them here. And in what other game about Mario you will meet logs in the fireplace, saying: “Set fire to us, we must burn!” When you walk past them.

And I really enjoyed exploring this extraordinary world. Here you need to patch holes in its paper surface with confetti and look for Toads hidden in the most unexpected places. At all levels, some interesting and funny details are generously scattered that can make you smile, not to mention the many secrets. Even the plot, despite its hackneyedness, offers itself quite believable (as far as the leaves come to life) characters and is able to throw a few surprises.

Pokemon: Mario Edition

But the further you get into the game, the more fatigue accumulates from the useless combat system and techniques that drag on an already too long adventure. To the point where you start to go through strength or take long breaks. Paper Mario: The Origami King leaves the feeling of a project that, during development, rushed in one direction or the other, took something here, something there, but was never able to combine all this not even into exciting, but at least not a repulsive adventure. In the fresh Paper Mario, cool ideas coexist with weak ones, and the charm of a colorful world in which one would like to stay longer is destroyed by the imposition of terribly boring mechanics.


  • colorful, very cozy and cute world;
  • pretty good humor and cool graphic style.


  • disgusting combat system in arenas, which does nothing to the game and exists simply to justify Paper Mario in the name;
  • ragged pace of the game, when one location offers interesting challenges, and the next one starts to drive in circles and make you go through something several times.

Graphic arts

Nintendo never ceases to amaze with its visual style ideas. The world of Paper Mario seems to be assembled from scrap materials, and sometimes even resembles a diorama. It looks very unusual.


That sound, that musical accompaniment are not bad, but once you leave the game, the melodies instantly disappear from your head.

Single player game

The princess is in danger again! Forward to adventure! True, it turns out that the main enemy in the game is not the villain who stole the castle and the girl, but boring mechanics.

Collective game

Not provided.

General impression

Paper Mario: The Origami King turned out to be an ambiguous game. On the one hand, it has a colorful, insanely charming world, but strange gameplay decisions and the imposition of battles in arenas prevent you from enjoying the good aspects to the fullest.

Rating: 6.0 / 10

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