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the owner of Sea Launch began work on a rocket with a return stage

The development center of the S7 group of companies, according to RIA Novosti, has launched a project to create a light launch vehicle. Its feature will be the possibility of reusable use.

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We have started to create a two-stage liquid-propellant rocket booster with a reversible first stage“, – the statement says.

Let us remind you that S7 is currently the owner of the Sea Launch floating cosmodrome. This unique complex combines the Odyssey platform and the Sea Launch Commander assembly and command vessel. In the first quarter of this year, they were relocated from the United States to Russia. The platform provides the ability to launch vehicles from the equatorial zone, where the Earth’s rotation speed can be maximized.

It is with the aim of further exploitation of the Sea Launch that a project was organized to create a light rocket with a recoverable first stage. The developments obtained in the course of the implementation of this initiative will subsequently form the basis of a medium-class carrier, which will have to start from a floating cosmodrome.

Recall that now the rockets from the returned first stage are operated by SpaceX, headed by billionaire Elon Musk. We are talking about the Falcon 9 carrier, in which the first stage can return and carry out a vertical landing on a ground or floating platform.

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