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The pandemic has led to difficulties in organizing the long-term isolation experiment SIRIUS

In early June, it became known that the next international SIRIUS experiment was postponed for six months due to the spread of coronavirus. Now on the pages of the latest issue of the journal “Russian Space” appeared details about the organization of this long-term scientific isolation.

Illustrations of Roscosmos

Illustrations of Roscosmos

SIRIUS, or Scientific International Research In Unique terrestrial Station, is a series of isolation experiments aimed at studying the psychology and performance of a person in a long-term confined space. Previously, experiments were carried out lasting two weeks and four months, and the forthcoming isolation will last eight months (240 days).

It is reported that due to quarantine, the preparation of a new phase of the SIRIUS project has moved to the Internet space. Conferences are held online with potential project participants from other countries: the European Space Agency (ESA), the space departments of Germany and France, a number of universities and industry enterprises.

The start of the experiment, originally planned for November this year, was postponed to May 2021. Direct crew training is expected to begin in the second half of January – early February.

The crew, which will go into voluntary isolation for eight months, will consist of six people. The project directors want to achieve gender balance in the team, as in two previous experiments.

As part of the experiment, it is planned to simulate a real lunar expedition: a flight to the moon, a search for the landing site from orbit, a lunar landing and exit to the surface, and return to Earth.

It is planned that about 15 countries will take part in this large-scale international project. Among the volunteers from whom the crew is supposed to be recruited, there will be representatives of Russia and the USA, but the option of participation of representatives of other countries is still possible“, – says the publication.

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