The PC version of Nioh 2 was far from ideal

The PC version of Nioh 2 was far from ideal

Samurai action movie Nioh 2 from the Japanese studio Team Ninja reached the PC at the end of last week and immediately came under fire from the early purchase of Steam users.

Gamers complain that it is extremely inconvenient to play on the keyboard and mouse in the PC version of Nioh 2: prompts on the screen are displayed exclusively for controllers from the Xbox family.

“The point is that [Nioh 2] – Real action game with tons of combos, special forms, secret skills, rhythmic keystrokes and so on. So not knowing where the next button is is quite a serious problem. “, Says one of the reviews.

Another consumer complaint is optimization. In its current form, Nioh 2 manages to slow down even on configurations that significantly exceed the announced system requirements.

“Absolutely irresponsible implementation. Especially a game like Nioh, which shouldn’t have any framerate drops at all. I have an i9-9900K, 1080 Ti, 16GB of RAM and a game on an SSD, but still freezes at 1080p “, – complains another gamer.

At the time of the publication of the material, the Steam version of Nioh 2 had received over 5 thousand user reviews, more than 40% of which (almost 1.5 thousand) were negative.

Nioh 2 debuted on PS4 in March 2020, and made its way to PC (Steam) and PS5 on February 5, 2021. At the same time, on the new Sony console, the game was released in a re-release format with improved graphics.

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