The Permian Smart Forest system has finally been launched

The Permian Smart Forest system has finally been launched

The Smart Forest system, developed by the Regional Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Information Development and Communication, has formed a basic set of functionalities covering business processes.
In the future, new technology will help control the forest fund, the process of felling and reforestation, and ensure the interaction of all participants in forest relations.

According to the Minister of Natural Resources, Forestry and Ecology of the Perm Region, Dmitry Kileyko, in the long term the system wants to be sent to expand the functionality of satellite monitoring of deforestation
forests throughout the Permian Forest Fund, including automatic detection of illegal logging based on satellite data.

“Smart Forest” consists of a set of functional and technological subsystems that provide processes for collecting, processing, storing and presenting information. The results of the system creation must be complete
open information about the forest fund, register of process participants, transparency of timber management, as well as reducing the timing of preparation of reports on the use of forests by citizens and legal entities,
use forests.

In the first quarter of 2020, testing of the first phase of the Smart Forest project – forest fund accounting, forest management and subsystems – is foreseen in the Dobrian forest territory.
Payment Administration. They will help to automate the functions of authorized employees of public authorities on accounting for forest fund, to resolve issues on the organization and
control of collection of payments by state bodies for the use of forest resources.

There will also be a Forestry Operator’s Office, where he will be able to draw up the necessary documents, including a forest declaration, as well as plan economic activities, for example,
to mark on the map of the territory the territory for the construction of state-owned equipment, organization of clearings.

At the same time, work is underway on the design of subsystems of the second stage (“claim-claim work”, including accounting of violations, administrative responsibility, accounting of illegal logging, penalties
damages and penalties, “Monitoring of transportation of wood”, “Reforestation”, “Protection of forests”, “Protection of forests”, “Accounting for turnover of wood”).

The total area of ​​forests of the Perm region is about 12 million hectares. Every year in the region within the framework of the national project “Ecology” is carried out reforestation. According to the results of 2019, reforestation has been carried out in the region
on an area of ​​47 thousand hectares, of which 3.6 thousand hectares planted 11.7 million conifer seedlings. The region provided the ratio of the area of ​​reforestation to the area of ​​cut and fallen plantations on
82.9%, thus fulfilling the plan for 2019.

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