the player built an Imperial City in No Man's Sky from TES IV: Oblivion

the player built an Imperial City in No Man’s Sky from TES IV: Oblivion

In addition to Minecraft and Valheim, users love building in another game – No Man’s Sky. Last January, an underwater city of incredible proportions was built in it, and now the author of the Boid Gaming YouTube channel has shared his creation. He recreated in the Hello Games project a miniature copy of the Imperial City from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The enthusiast showed his construction in detail in the video attached below. Boid Gaming has tried to recreate the capital of Cyrodiil with attention to detail. He repeated the general shape of the city: in the center he erected an analogue of the White Gold Tower, divided the territory into districts, and tried to make the outer wall majestic and high. Inside the capital, there was space for several main buildings. In addition, there is a faithfully recreated bridge that leads to the main entrance to the Imperial City.

Boid Gaming posted his own creation on Reddit, where it received almost 5 thousand positive marks. In the comments, users praised the enthusiast for his work, and one person even wrote: “Seriously, amazing work. The effort and attention to detail really paid off. “

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