The poll hinted at the estimated cost of the PlayStation 5, but users decided it was too good.

The poll hinted at the estimated cost of the PlayStation 5, but users decided it was too good.

One of the users of the Reddit forum said that a poll was recently conducted by Nielsen, which hinted at the estimated cost of the new PlayStation 5 home game console. By the way, the forum moderators decided to rub the thread, but the Internet remembers everything.

The message received by the user said the following:

“As already mentioned in the description of this product (PlayStation 5), its final cost has not yet been determined. To achieve the goal of this study, we will give you a random value. Please take this random cost into account when answering further questions. The random price for this product is £ 349 for the regular and £ 259 for the digital version. ”

Translated into dollars – this is about $ 436 and $ 323 for a model with an optical drive and without it, respectively. Very attractive offers, but as indicated by the user himself, who has already participated in such questionnaires more than once, they underestimate the real price by about 20%.

Nielsen has been organizing such surveys for a long time, and, as a rule, when compiling them, it is guided by data obtained directly from companies trying to learn more about their customers. It is likely that Sony is now simply engaged in probing the soil.

According to the resource Bgr, this price looks too good. Can Sony sell consoles at such an affordable price and still not lose much on their implementation?

Rumors that went several months ago to this point said that the cost of one PlayStation 5 console would be about $ 450. And this is despite the fact that the Japanese giant uses robotic lines to assemble its consoles. The resource estimated that with such a pricing policy, the company will lose about $ 50 from the sale of each regular version of the console, and the losses in the implementation of the digital version will be even more significant.

Recall that both versions of the PlayStation 5 have the same technical specifications, only the digital version does not have a drive. However, the prices of all other key components – the central and graphic processor, as well as the high-speed SSD drive exclusively developed for Sony – will remain the same in both cases.

And yet, given the situation in the world, as well as the actions of a competitor who, according to rumors, besides the usual Xbox Series X, is going to present a more affordable Xbox Series S set-top box with a price of $ 200, Sony may well take a desperate step. Is this so, we will find out in the coming months.

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