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The release of AMD Big Navi will push the fleet of Radeon graphics cards to mass update

According to various sources, NVIDIA may present Ampere generation video cards in August or September, while AMD will open the line of carriers for the RDNA 2 architecture in early October. There is still enough time before these events, but Bank of America experts are already convinced that the Radeon graphics card fleet will noticeably be updated after the release of new products.

Image Source: NVIDIA

Image Source: NVIDIA

The fact is that, as of April of this year, if you rely on the Bank of America data equipped with Radeon video cards, game lovers in 57% of cases were content with products of previous generations. Video cards with Navi architecture, presented a year ago, did not manage to get significant distribution, although at a comparable stage in the life cycle they bypass the representatives of the Vega generation in popularity. The release of Navi 2X this fall, according to experts of Bank of America, should give the expansion of the new architecture a new impetus. One of the most important contributing factors will be the debut of the flagship graphics solution, the so-called Big Navi.

In the case of NVIDIA, a high demand for gaming products is already observed by Bank of America specialists. Some “the most popular video card in the Turing family”, according to the source, is now so in demand that there are not enough inventory for all buyers. Self-isolation has attracted new customers to the acquisition of NVIDIA products. The share of Turing graphics solutions in the user base of NVIDIA gaming video cards in just one month increased by 21%. Against the background of these estimates, AMD shares rose 1%, NVIDIA shares rose 1.5%.

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