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The robot “Fedor” may be involved in the appearance of a crack on the ISS

The day before, we reported that the situation with an air leak at the International Space Station (ISS) may soon worsen. Sergei Krikalev, executive director of the state corporation Roscosmos, told RIA Novosti how things are going.

Photos of Roscosmos

Photos of Roscosmos

Recall that a crack was discovered in one of the compartments of the Zvezda module, through which, presumably, the orbital station is losing its atmosphere. Attempts to eliminate the gap have so far failed, and a special repair kit will arrive on the ISS only in February.

Moreover, another leak has become known. The situation is aggravated by the fact that gas supplies on board the space complex are running out to replenish the loss of oxygen, and the Russian installation “Electron-VM” for oxygen generation has once again failed.

Nothing new has appeared. A weak leak, which has existed since last year, apparently one part of it was found. When it was repaired, the leak decreased, but still remained. There is reason to believe that there is something else“, – said Mr. Krikalev.

He also added that, in accordance with current plans, astronauts will wrap the problem intermediate chamber (ICC) with film to reduce its volume and try to find the source of the leak. Such methods will have to be resorted to, since a special device for finding leaks was powerless.

Meanwhile, it has been suggested that the crack could have appeared during operations to unload and load the anthropomorphic Skybot F-850 robot, which is better known as Fedor. He visited the ISS last year, after which he successfully returned to Earth. A leak was identified shortly thereafter.

In August-September 2019, the cosmonauts transported the Fyodor anthropomorphic robot from the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft to the station and back through the intermediate chamber. The route of the robot’s transfer was unplanned, since the ship was originally supposed to dock to the Search module, and not to the Star module“, – said Alexander Khokhlov, a member of the North-Western Organization of the Russian Federation of Cosmonautics.

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