The Russian information security system has been updated

Russian developer of information security systems “Garda Technologies” (included in IKS Holding) presented an updated version of the system of protection against information leakage “Garda Enterprise” from
the ability to intercept and detect personal data in real-time graphic images.

The updated DLP (Data Leak Prevention – Detects Leaks) system detects scans and photographs of documents such as a Russian passport, driver’s license,
bank card that is different in type. This allows the security service to detect and prevent the leakage of personal data of customers even in geographically distributed companies or
employees of the company.

In addition, the new version of Garda Enterprise has a CAD image detector for AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Compass. The system recognizes files in the stream of intercepted objects
formats as drawings and extracts textual information from them. This allows you to flexibly configure security policies, as well as search the text using the entire set
relevant production technology. For drawings of individual formats the possibility of quick viewing in the web interface “Garda Enterprise” is realized.

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